Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lucy & Sally launch Typing In Public

This year, our focus is a little different: not only are we paying homage to the printed word but we're also honoring a much-venerated tool of the industry, the typewriter. We've traded ideas with the city of Chico to bring you the SLO(wer) version of Reading In Public-- Typing! in Public. In 2010 RIP will have a typographic twist.

On Saturday, May 15, 2010, volunteers paired with typewriters will be stationed at various locations in the city of San Luis Obispo. Anyone is allowed to sit and type for 10-15 minutes (we'll have timers). It can be something you've composed or something you've read (with attribution). As you're seeing on this site, we've been collecting contributions, and anyone is free to tease any of these out into a longer narrative. If you read something that piques your interest, please build on it: Post a continuation here in comments, on Twitter, on Flickr, or you can wait for the May 15th event in San Luis Obispo).

SLO Locations so far:
BlackHorse Espresso
Kennedy Library at CalPoly
Sally Loo's Cafe
San Luis Obispo Public Library
Steynberg Gallery
The Sanitarium
SLO creek by the Network
(And there will be a few wandering typewriters)

With your first sentence, you'll be asked to creatively link your contribution to the author immediately preceding you, in whatever fashion you like. You can continue what's been written or simply acknowledge that person's last typed word. At the end of the day we'll be collecting all the compositions for a public reading* at Sally Loo's Cafe, and because you've taken the time to acknowledge the work of the person before you, it will all read as one narrative. That narrative may be a little choppy and scrambled but we promise you this: it will be heavy on FUN. So come join us at Sally Loo's (that's Sally below)! Readings will begin promptly at 6:00 and if you're late you may be called on to read :) Come on out and meet the Reading Chair, specifically designed and created in 2009 by Chris Allen of for the very first Reading In Public San Luis Obispo.

Follow us on Flickr! We'll be posting lots of images in the days to come. We'll also be posting to Twitter and Facebook.

*Readings will be juried. Not all entries will be read in public or used for the installation. Readers are not allowed to read their own work. C'mon, what fun would that be?


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