Thursday, April 29, 2010

Francesca Nemko

Francesca NemkoFrancesca Nemko is a writer, poet, performance artist and creative consultant. Her byline has appeared in numerous magazines and publications, such as Down Beat, Jazz Times, Los Angeles Times, New Times, The Tribune and others. As a poet,she published two books of poetry, "Childless Mother," and "Of Parrots and Paradigms. She has been seen frequently presenting her poety-and-jazz with such musicians as Darrell Voss, Ken Hustad, Gary Drysdale, Clint Iwanacha and Dylan Johnson. She recently appeared with Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Ray Pizzi at The Inn at Morro Bay.

She conducted a highly successful creative writing class, "Excavating Your Buried Treasure" for six years, and published a book of the same name, consisting of poetry by the participants. She continues to write and perform locally in many different contexts, including last year's "Writing in Public" event. She will be seen in August at the Day With Creative Women.

Francesca is a friend of Reading In Public and her contribution is a short haiku she wrote recently, while listening to a rehearsal by the Unity Community Players:

"Music fills the air
Young people reaching their heights
A new show opens."

If this contribution has piqued your interest, feel free to build on it: Post your own version of the story's continuation here in comments, on Twitter, on Flickr, or text us at (805) 628-2283. You can also wait for the May 15th SLO event and type it all on a real live typewriter.

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