Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brett Bodemer

Brett Bodemer is a Seattle native who spent most of the last decade in Honolulu and Hanoi. He has published poems, essays, short stories, book reviews and one biographical book, "John Hedley in North China and Inner Mongolia, 1898-1912." His novels have never seen the light of day, which is probably a good thing for both readers and his own reputation. Now he only answers the call to write when there is no other solution to working through a deep puzzle. He is currently the Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Brett is also a friend of Reading In Public, not only reading at our first event in 2009, but staying with us for that entire day. And he still wants to be part of this year's event :)

Brett's contribution:

"The hand clamped onto the top of my hand and wouldn't let go. I ran into the kitchen, turned on the burner, and pressed the detached hand onto the coil. It screamed, felt pain, but did not burn. I turned up the heat. Its cries grew more intense but still it did not burn. A smaller hand with two missing fingers crawled out from the woodwork to console it."

If this contribution has piqued your interest, feel free to build on it: Post your own version of the story's continuation here in comments, on Twitter, on Flickr, or text us at (805) 628-2283. You can also wait for the May 15th SLO event and type it all on a real live typewriter.

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