RIP Open Book Agreement

Want to host a Reading In Public Event in your area? We'd love to help. Below you will find a sample Open Book Agreement which is a Creative Commons license to host RIP. Read more here at our RIP Global info page.

Reading In Public
(805) 628-2283
PO Box 15759
SLO, CA 93406

In return for the use of the RIP name, logo, format, and concept organizer agrees to include the following reference on all promotional materials not limited to postcards, posters, web pages, handouts, digital presentations: Sponsored by

Organizer also agrees to send a few photographs of readers reading in public from their event, with explicit permission for RIP to publish on RIP web site and flickr site.

RIP agrees to link to your event from our web site, and to publish photographs and updates on the events.

Attribution: You reference Reading In Public in the manner described above, and RIPs logos and visuals remain untouched and unedited.

NonCommercial: You cannot use RIP's concept for commercial purposes

These conditions can be modified only by explicit permission of the copyright holder (RIP). The complete text of the license can be seen on the Creative Commons (CC) license.

Please confirm your understanding and acceptance of the above by signing and dating the document below as indicated

Date ___________

Reading In Public___________________


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