Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet our musicians for Saturday 15th!

Anna Novotny and Ezra Henderson are 10 years old and classmates at Bellevue Santa Fe Charter School. They most recently were selected to the top 5 of the Clark Center's Star Search.

Anna, a singer and dancer, has performed in over 20 local shows and musicals. Math is her favorite subject in school, which helps her piece together rhythms and music. Her goal is to sing and dance around town and her dream is to collaborate with Taylor Swift.
Ezra is a one man band; he plays drums, guitar, piano and also writes his own songs. He has performed his music at restaurants and coffee shops around town. Ezra wrote 'Everything's Alright' this year and shared it at school. Anna loved it and their duo was born.
Many of their songs are written by Ezra's mother, Deborah Kirk. She accompanies them on guitar or keyboards.

The Booker Tease:
Four musicians Deconstructing the Rock & Soul music of Booker T. and the MG's.

Artist and musician Vincent Bernardy was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. It’s the home of Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion. Growing up in the extremely cold Midwest, he learned from a young age that sometimes you can go outside and play in the snow and sometimes you simply can’t. This gave him much time to learn and perfect his art. He was born a creative child: painting, drawing, and musically inclined. Some of his music has been played on the radio and in some indie films. He opened for bands such as GREEN DAY and THE SUBURBS, and worked with popular musicians such as Andy Bernardy and Bob Stinson of the REPLACEMENTS. However, one of his most cherished moments in music was working with Brown Mark from PRINCE & the REVOLUTION.

Vincent's vision for his work is to invoke feelings in people that will cause them to be more creative & positive. Also to live more healthier lives filled with wonderment and awe. and

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