Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everything you need to know :)

Welcome to Typing in Public, Reading In Public's 2010 community event. Tomorrow, Saturday May 15th, between the hours of 8am to 2pm, you are all invited to type on any of our typewriters at these locations in the city of San Luis Obispo:
BlackHorse Espresso - 1065 Higuera Street
Linnaea's Cafe - 1110 Garden Street
Sally Loo's Cafe - 1804 Osos Street
San Luis Obispo Public Library - 995 Palm Street
Steynberg Gallery - 1531 Monterey Street
The Sanitarium - 1716 Osos

How long can I type?
If there are people waiting in line, about 10 to 15 minutes.

What do I type?
At the SLO Library we have Anna & Dan Gold transcribing love letters from 12-1pm. So, in that spirit, type whatever you like -- we want you to have fun with this. If you need inspiration, look through our Opening Lines, and if something piques your interest, you can type your own version of how it continues. If you're not the first typist, please feel free to take a look at what other people have done. Or start something and leave enough of a thread for someone else to pick up.
For inspiration, here is what a group of kids are doing. If you have a few minutes, look through the site, we posted many contributions from various people. We even have a contribution written in Na'vi!

When is this over?
At 2pm we’ll collect all the compositions for a 6pm installation and public reading (with live music!) at Sally Loo’s Cafe, 1804 Osos (not all of them will be read in public or used for the installation).

The fine print
By participating in Typing In Public you are granting RIP permission to publish works on the web and in future promotional venues, and you’re also giving us permission to read your words in public. Please don’t forget to sign your page(s) with your first name and an initial of your last name. Thank you!

Please be gentle with the typewriters. But...
- They are not anything like a modern keyboard, and each key needs to be tapped a little bit harder.
- Sometimes the ribbons will not advance and you may have to manually advance them.
- This is definitely not about words per minute -- type slowly or the keys will stick. Remember, many of the typewriters are older than most of us.

Bonus! All participants of Typing In Public will have an opportunity to have their names entered in a drawing, which will be held at Sally Loo’s Cafe, 1804 Osos, between 6pm-8:00pm. Winners must be present to claim their prizes. Please join us at Sally Loo's at 6pm and meet the Reading Chair, designed by (the amazing) Chris Allen of CWA Studios, from Reading In Public 2009!

Please say hi to our WONDERFUL volunteers as you see them -- they have unbegrudgingly given up some of their weekend time to stay with this project. Say hi to
Vanessa Amerson -- The Sanitarium, 8-11
Brett Bodemer -- Linnaea's, 8-11
Josephine Crawford -- SLO Library, 10-12
Tom Di Santo -- Sally Loo's, 10-11
Pete Evans and Lucy -- Sally Loo's, 9-10
Tom and Hannah Fowler -- Linnaea's, 12-2
Anna and Dan Gold -- SLO Library, 12-1
Kelsie Greer -- Blackhorse, 8-10
Zoie Harmon -- Sally Loo's, 11-2
Mignon Khargie -- All locations
Sara MacGrath and Lupe -- SLO Library, 10-11
Francesca Nemko -- Steynberg, 11-12
Marta Peluso -- BlackHorse, 10-12
Linnaea Phillips -- The Sanitarium, 11-2
Ashley Schwellenbach -- BlackHorse, 12-2
Bruce Silverberg -- Sally Loo's, 8-9
Laura Sorvetti -- Steynberg, 8-11
Cate Trujillo -- All locations
Cruz Trujillo -- All locations

Other ways to participate: If you take a photo you'd like us to post to Flickr, please email it to info[at] You can tweet us @readinginpublic with contributions and text us too at (805) 628-2283. TXT contributions will be sent to Twitter.
If you know something about typewriters, please identify yourself to our volunteers! We'll take all the expert help we get :)

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